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Operate Hotel

Main principles of Management of Hotel are simple and similar, regardless of the fact that classification of the Star of Hotel (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Hotels of the Star (Based on Services and Services with which they provide) or if it is big or small Hotel or if hotel operate independently (Operating Hotel under yours (Owners of Hotel) the Name) or a part of the Chain of Hotel (Operating Hotel under someone else the name and paying in it of a payment for use of their name). Bol’shee the hotel reaches, from the point of view of number of Rooms and number of Restaurants and Bars, number of increase in Staff and also number of Names and Positions of the Staff working there. Primary and basic Business of any Hotel or the Resort provides Rooms, Meal and drink to Visitors (Clients).
They are classified as City Hotels (which mainly serve the Business Visitor), Resorts (which serve Visitors in holiday or on a vacation in Mission of the Party of the Holiday and Coast), Airport Hotels (which are close to the Airports and mainly serve to convey as transit goods Passengers of Airline and the Airline Command), Casino Hotels (Hotels which licensed Gambling services), Agreement Hotels (which have Agreement, and welcomed services for a considerable quantity of Visitors), Motels (Mainly in the USA which please the Visitors, Travelling road and who wishes to stop off for night), the Payment for night and a breakfast (Mainly in Europe which are small delivery of Hotels for the Visitor at a reasonable estimation).
Clearing of Rooms for visitors, Releasing Boardrooms for Meetings and Conferences, Releasing Dancing halls for Weddings and Functions and Sale and Meal and drink Service at Restaurants and Bars is a primary source of the Income on which Hotels rely.
As time which is spent by Hotels, has started to make Incomes of the Resort (Maintenance of Massage and Processing Services), Fitness centre (Gymnastics), Shops in a hotel Lobby, the Golf, Out of Delivery, Serving Airlines through Flight Delivery etc.
Primary Operational Departments of Hotel – Forward Department Office, Department of Storage of the House, Food and Department of Service of the Drink, Department of Manufacture of foodstuff (Kitchen).
Forward Office and Departments of the House Holding together also are known as Department of Division of Rooms.
Forward Department Office deals with Reservation of Visitors: for Visitors who wish to remain in Hotel, it also deals with Registration of the Visitor when registration of the Visitor to Hotel, through contact to the Visitor asks also Complaints during stay of the Visitor in Hotel to final gathering and processing of Payments of the Visitor when the Visitor At last leaves Hotel.
In smaller Hotels Forward Department Office is simply known as Reception.
Registrars, Agents of Service of the Visitor, Cashiers and Forward Manager Office are a part of this Department.
The second Operational Department which is close connected with Forward Department Office, is Department of Storage of the House which deals with clearing of Rooms for visitors and Public Areas (Restaurants, Bars, Kontserents-halls, Rooms of the Sphere and Offices and t.d).
In the average size to the big Department of Storage of the House of Hotels also has on the Laundry of a premise for washing from the Cloth of the Room for visitors (the Bed-sheet, the Towel, the Pillowcase and t.d), Clothes of the Visitor (for an additional Payment) and Staff Uniforms. In smaller Hotels this function is usually made on the party.
In smaller Hotels it is simply known as Service of the Maiden.
Maidens of the Room, Doctors – trainees, the Observer of the Laundry and the Executive Keeper of the House are a part of this Department.
The third Operational Department – Department of Service of Food and the Drink which is a collection of all Restaurants, Bars, Kontserents-halls and Sphere rooms in Hotel. It also includes the Number service.
Waiters, Barmen, the Manager of Restaurant, the Bar Manager, the Manager of the Number service, the Manager of the Banquet and the Manager of Food and Drink are a part of this Department.
This Department deals with Service of Meal and drink to the Visitor and later for a collection of Payment from the Visitor.
The fourth Operational Department in Hotel – Department of Manufacture of foodstuff or Kitchen. They cook Food for Visitors at Restaurant, the Bar, the Number service, Conferences, Functions and Weddings.
Cooks, Kitchen Stewards, Kommis, the Cook de Parti and the Executive Cook are a part of this Department.
Except four main operational departments mentioned above is small auxiliary departments which help with appropriate functioning of Hotel.
Accounts department: Transactions with Hotel Money: all Receipts and Platezhi Deneg.Check if all is made and are not present any plunder (Theft). Salaries of Payments to Staff, Payments to Suppliers and transactions with Books of Accounts on the Taxation purpose. They also do regular messages for Owners and Managers to give them a correct financial picture (if the Hotel gets profit or Loss).
Human resources or Personnel Department: These Beginners of Department or new staff deal With high resolution with Serving Disciplinary Procedures, the Award of the Employee and Recognition System, Service of Staff, Holiday of Staff and Holiday, Employment, Dismissal, Encouragements, Falls in posts and Staff Transfers. They also deal with Compensations to workers as Social security, the Insurance of the Employee, Health and Safety of Staff and the affairs connected with the Payment of Staff.
Educational Department: This Department – a part of Department of Human resources, transactions mainly with a Professional training.
Sales and Marketing Department: transactions with advancement of Hotel and its Restaurants and Bars to increase Room and Sale Employment and also to increase sales of Restaurants, Bars, Functions and Conferences. They also care of Advertising, Encouragements and Hotel Public relations.
Working out and Service Department: transactions with appropriate service of the Building of Hotel and the Equipment, illumination, the Air conditioning, Hot and Cold water in Rooms and Restaurants, Metalwork, Painting, Repair of Plotnitsky works etc.
Purchase department: transactions with Purchase of the Goods and Points (Food, the Drink, the Paper for printers and the Equipment and t.d), demanded for appropriate functioning of Hotel.
Shop department: transactions with Reception, Storage and the Edition of the Goods and Points (Food, the Drink, Constant and the Equipment and t.d) to various Departments in Hotel.
Safety department: transactions with Safety of Staff, Visitors and the Hotel Property.
They also are responsible for Safety of Fire.
At last, there is IT (Information technology) the Guy who cares of Computers and Network Systems in Hotel, the Hotel Website, electronic letters and Printers and t.d
Each Department can function independently with the Observer of the Chief of department/. But, to give appropriate Service of the Visitor, Support Standards and to Increase the Hotel Income, you require the co-ordinator who can co-ordinate, conduct and operate all Departments in Hotel. It – when the Manager of Hotel / the General director enters to co-ordinate Functions of all Departments and to take Hotel in a correct direction.
So in a nutshell, Operating Hotel all about storage of the Visitor, happy, if its good product (the Room, Meal and drink) and service and thus maintenance of its/its returning which finally will lead to profitableness of Hotel and its Owners. It – only short introduction to Operate Hotel or the Resort.

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